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Summer REU for international students

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    I'd like to know if it's possible for non US-citizen students to apply for the research experience for undergraduate programs in various US universities? Many of the websites of the universities clearly state that the REU programs are only for US citizens, while others don't answer this question.

    I'm an international student, and I'll be completing my third year in the april of 2008, and I was thinking of applying to the REU program in my field.

    Also, if some of the programs are open to international students, does anyone know how many such students are usually accepted, and what are the criteria for selection?
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    It is possible, but the choices are very limited.

    The following are some of the schools that do not stipulate US Citizenship as a requirement for at least some REU/Summer Reasearch programs:

    Caltech - Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships

    Illinois, Urbana - Hughes Undergraduate Research Fellows Program (there may be other programs too, at UIUC)

    Case Western - contact the Chemical Eng dept to find out if they have something for international students.

    Harvard - send an email to Kathryn Hollar (hollar@deas,harvard,edu)
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    don't forget Williams College Math REU, they are one of the few schools that do not require US citizenship, it's called the SMALL program.
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    I was wondering the same thing...I go to school in Canada, but Michigan is just across the border here and I wanted to apply...I've contacted some people at the schools I'm considering, no response yet though...
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    check the ams.org employment page, it has links to every single REU being offered, check each and every one of those pages, it will say explicitly if you must be a citizen or not. for physics or engineering REU's, im sure there is a similar site, GOOGLE it my friends
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