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Summer study abroad vs. engineering internship

  1. Oct 21, 2012 #1
    Hey guys,

    I'm having difficulty deciding what I want to do next summer. I'm currently a junior, so this is the last opportunity I have to do an engineering internship. Last summer I did an REU. I know I want to go into the renewable energy field, but I don't know if I need to go to grad school. I think I want to just because the idea of working in a chemical plant (I'm a ChemE) kind of depresses me.

    Anyway, I have several companies who want me to do an internship with them this summer. I'm not particularly interested in any of them as they are mainly manufacturing. I have been browsing other options and think studying abroad or working at a national park would be awesome. I am just wondering if doing one of these things would hinder my chances at getting a job if I decide to not go the grad school route. I have lots of research experience but no industry experience. I think it could help my grad school application since I can relate my intended research to real-world experiences.

    I really want to do the study abroad or cool park job because I love nature and new experiences, and this is probably one of the last opportunities until I retire that I have this opportunity. One plus of the industry job is the $$$, but I'm not very materialistic, so the lack of it (especially if the opportunity cost is living in an amazing area) is not especially hindering to me.
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    Industry experience is valuable, particularly if one interns at a company involved in renewable energy systems. Don't knock manufacturing; manufacturing establishes the initial conditions (Design and Implementation of the Design) for any engineered system, and that usually has a profound effect on how the system performs in its intended environment (O&M = Operations & Maintenance).

    There's something called 'vacation', usually two or three weeks a year. As a professional, one should expect to compensated for one's efforts. One benefit of having sufficient money/funds is to realize opportunity to do cool things, like traveling abroad or spending a vacation at a National Park.
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    Thanks for the response. I'm not against manufacturing; I realize society (and I) rely on it, and I think it would be cool to see a product go through all stages of development through production. However, this isn't where my passion lies. I don't look at an assemble line and think "oh my god that's amazing" like I do when I look in nature. If I do end up working in industry, I see myself as more of a R&D person, always looking to improve the future. That said, I've talked to a lot of people in industry and they all recommend starting in manufacturing regardless of where you want to end up.

    Right now, I'm 70% sure I want to go to grad school. Naturally, I'm wondering what the best thing for me to do this summer is...get industry experience (and $$$), or do a job totally unrelated to industry but appealing to me. If possible, I'd like to do another REU, but I know that they don't encourage people to do two during their undergraduate careers. I know people working normal jobs get vacations, but I want a job I love so much I don't need a vacation. I don't want to work to get vacations; I want to work for the betterment of the world (and my own enjoyment).
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