What is Study abroad: Definition and 17 Discussions

International students, or foreign students, according to the OECD are "those who received their prior education in another country and are not residents of their current country of study." In 2018, there were over 5.6 million international students, up from 1.6 million in 2000. By 2020, the U.S, U.K., Canada and Australia received approximately 50% of international students. The United States counted almost 1.1 million, the United Kingdom had more than 550,000, whilst there were 503,270 and 463,643 international students in Canada and Australia respectively.

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  1. nsypgorz

    Advice: Doing grad school abroad and getting a masters instead of PhD

    My background: I live in the US and I graduated last June with my BS in physics. Went to an alright school and was an alright student (3.52 overall GPA, 3.49 major) with minors in math and CS. I did 2 internships, but my first one I basically did nothing, and my second was basically translating...
  2. juliaw

    Job Skills How will US companies view an EE PhD from overseas?

    I'm from the US and am currently doing undergrad at a US university but I studied at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology this summer and it convinced me that I would really prefer to get my PhD abroad. However, I have concerns about how credible that degree will be to US companies...
  3. P

    Programs Freshman Physics Major at UTA: Should I Study Abroad?

    I'm a freshman at UT Arlington (Physics Major) and I'm wondering if I go abroad for a year or not. A guy told me that if I want to go my sophomore year, I should apply this year. However, the downside that I can possible think of is the connection that I'd make with the professors, here at UTA...
  4. B

    Study Abroad for Engineering/Physics in Low Cost Countries

    Hello PF, I am currently a first year engineer student, specifically mechanical engineering (BE), in Lebanon. For a while now, I have been thinking about studying abroad either in engineering (continuing my degree) or changing to a BS in physics (not the main point at the moment). My parents and...
  5. StrangeCharm

    Programs Study Abroad for Physics Major

    I've seen some discussions about studying abroad, but I wanted to post my own to get more recent comments. I'm an undergrad in a US college and looking into studying abroad for a semester. However, I've noticed that it's not as common for STEM majors to study abroad as it is for humanities...
  6. S

    Engineering Mechanical Engineering vs Civil Engineering

    Hello everyone, I know this has come up a lot in the past but my situation is slightly different. As is everyones. Currently a second year general engineering student with a decision to make soon, MEng Mechanical or MEng Civil? I enjoy both subjects equally. But I will be taking an...
  7. A

    Sacrificing research to study abroad?

    I need some advice regarding studying abroad for someone planning on going to graduate school in physics. I've always wanted to study abroad for a semester and I've heard nothing but great things about people's experiences. Last semester I got involved with a nuclear physics research group...
  8. H

    Schools American Student Doing Graduate School Abroad

    Does anyone have advice or tips for American students wishing to pursue a PhD abroad? Background: I graduated with my BS in 2012 in aeronautical engineering. My major GPA was a 3.7(5?) but my cumulative was a 3.44. I briefly attended graduate school from 2012 to 2013, but left due to funding...
  9. krishnaCon

    Admissions Giving IELTS/TOEFL Exam is necessary for Admission

    Hello, I would like to apply for Masters Course in Italy. Being an International student do I need to give IELTS/TOEFL for admission?
  10. M

    Physics study abroad or research?

    I am a sophomore physics major from a small liberal arts college in the US, with excellent placement services into study abroad programs. It's always been my dream to study abroad for a semester, and I have looked into physics study abroad programs that would fit into my schedule since freshman...
  11. C

    Study Abroad or in States: Which Option is Better for Higher Education?

    Hello, I would like to inquire the minds of this forum about a situation. Given that you have access to free education in one of the EU countries and also could study in the US, where would you study? If I finish higher education in the states I wold get out of college with a student loan. I...
  12. N

    Summer study abroad vs. engineering internship

    Hey guys, I'm having difficulty deciding what I want to do next summer. I'm currently a junior, so this is the last opportunity I have to do an engineering internship. Last summer I did an REU. I know I want to go into the renewable energy field, but I don't know if I need to go to grad...
  13. T

    Exploring Study Abroad Options in Ireland for Your College Experience"

    Study Abroad in Ireland?? My name is Austin and I am getting ready to start my Senior year in High school, which means that i have stared preparing for college. I am trying to decide between a few different universities each having their own pros and cons. One of them offers a really great...
  14. T

    Is it Hard to Get Accepted for Study Abroad Programs?

    Is it difficult to get accepted into a study abroad program?
  15. Repetit

    Study abroad, where should i go?

    Hey! I am a student from Denmark who would like to spend one year studying abroad. I study physics, primarily the fields of solid state physics, quantum mechanics and semiconductor physics. I will be begin studies in electronic and optoelectronic applications next year as well. I would...
  16. P

    Are Internships or Study Abroad Programs Beneficial for Physics Students?

    I was wondering if there is anybody who had a great experience in an undergraduate summer internship or a study abroad program that had to do with the field of physics? I'm starting my first year of college this year, so I will have a couple years to think about it before I do either of the two...
  17. E

    Study Abroad in Physics: Programs, Scholarships & More

    Do you know of any well-known programs for study abroad in physics (I am a North-American undergrad)? The University of Adelaide seems to have a good program. There also seems to be a program at Oxford, but the website is a bit confusing about what 'courses' you can take. Neither of those are...