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Surface integral : sphere

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    [PLAIN]http://www.mrnerdy.com/forum_img/dont%20know.JPG [Broken]

    what do i need to do next to find the surface integral btw the planes z=1 and z=2?
    or is there anything wrong that i did?
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    Tried applying the divergence theorem? I think that would make your calculations much easier.
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    i think we are not allowed to use divergence theorem for this question because divergence theorem will only be taught in the following sub-chapter
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    What you've done so far is fine. Your choice of [itex]0\le v \le \frac{\pi}{2}[/itex] gives the upper hemisphere. Now, of course, you have to determine what v is when z= 2 sin v= 1 and z= 2 sin v= 2 and use those limits in your integral.
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    yes. i did it and i get 4pi
    can someone help verify the answer? TQVM.
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