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I Surprise? Entropy changes for systems in a canonical state

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    Every year since the 90's I come back to some of my pet topics in physics, like statistical physics.
    This time it was the reading of a Wikipedia article on entropy that surprised me.
    The derivation of the second law from the Gibbs entropy was unknown to me.
    I didn't know how heat, how change of internal energy, and how work can be identified from the equations below:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Not only is this derivation very simple but it also clarifies the meaning of heat and work from a statistical point of view.

    I would like to know:

    - if you were aware of this argument
    - when/how you learned it
    - how far it could be traced back in time (Gibbs maybe)
    - if you know other references that mention this argument and discuss it further

    Thanks to share
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