Symmetry in molecules

  1. What is the general method for finding symmetry in molecules which would allow you to find which nuclei are equivalent in an NMR spectrum?

    I know it sounds vague but it seems inevitable. Any good guides on the Internet would be great. My main issue is with larger molecules whose structures are drawn in 2D, and virtually any 3D structure (e.g. adamantane).
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  3. Are you familiar with the idea of point group symmetry?
  4. No. And looking it up leads to a list of mathematical symbols that I cannot hope to understand on my own.
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  6. I fully agree with DrDu recommendation. That book is comprehensive and avilable from Dover Publication with a reasonable price.
    But for a quick and easy to follow overview on the undergraduate level, you can consult chapter 12 in D. A. McQuarrie "physical chemistry a molecular approach."
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