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Table of Contents and List of Figures in Latex

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    1- How to do the table of contents like this:


    2- In creating a list of figures, the long description of some figures does not appear as a whole. How to split the description of figures in the list of figures?

    Thanks in advance

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    1. \tableofcontents

    2. When you write your caption, you give two arguments
    Code (Text):

    \caption[Short desc. for the List of Fig]{Long Desc. for the original caption}
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    Yes, but \tableofcontents control sequence list the auto numbered headings. I need to include the list of figure page, the list of table page, abstract, acknowledgement,..etc, and all of these are not auto numbered headings. How can I do that?

    About the second point I didn't understand it very well, can you elaborate more in this point, and give me an example, please?

    Furthermore, when I write \tableofcontents, the following error eppears:


    Why is this error? Even though I put it the first time it worked, but later on stopped working, I don't know why?!!


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    D H

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    To add the abstract to the table of contents,
    Code (Text):

    Your abstract
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    Actually, I am not using the abstract enviroment, so, is there any other method to do that? Further, I need a method to add the page of list of figures and list of tables.

    But before all of that, I am facing the aforementioned problem in using the \tableofcontents control sequence. Can anyone help me in this please?

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    Do you mean by auto numbering, page numbering?

    \listoffigures gives you the list but I don't get your problem. Also my second point is that when you want to include a figure in List of figures, sometimes the caption is too long then you can use what I tried to suggest above.
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    I mean, when you dividing your article to chapters, sections, subsections, ..., etc, without the '*' character, these headings will be automatically numbered by the program, and hence will be included automatically in the ToC. But there are some page titles such as Abstract, Acknowledgement, ...,etc, do not have numbers, i.e.: they have no reference. The question was: how to include these titles in the ToC? Anyway, I figured it out, and it is for whom is concerned, the following control sequence which must be placed in its proper position:

    Code (Text):
    \addcontentsline{toc}{subsection}{[I]title name[/I]}
    For example if you want to include the title "ACKNOWLEDGEMENT" in the ToC and its page number, all you have to do is to place the above control sequence just after the last line of the acknowledgement page, by replacing the title name by ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.

    About the figures, I saw some "articles" where the discription of the figures in the list of figures span more than one line. I strictly need to do this, because the requirements is to include the description as it is under the intended figure, like this example:



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