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Temperature and orbital period

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    Hi everyone,

    was hoping someone could help me to answer a question:

    an ateroid has an equilibrium temperature measured as 200 K. What is the object's orbital period around the Sun?

    That is the exact wording of that particular question and that's why I am a little stumped.. it also says to base it upon your considerations in question #4, which reads

    assuming the Earth's radius is 637 km, the solar constant is 1370 w/m2, and our planetary albedo is 0.31, then:
    (a) determine total power entering Earth's atmosphere
    (b) the total power that would be asborbed in the absence of an atmosphere
    © surface temperature assuming it radiated into space all the energy it absorbed
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    You need to show some work before we can help you. What determines the temperature of an orbiting body? Disregard complicated atmospheric effects. What simple approximation might you make to describe its energy output?

    Same here, you need to show some work. What are the units of power? What is the source of the power?
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    oops posted too soon, sec let me finish it
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    nvm got it :)
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    I do hope that the radius of the Earth is 6370 km
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