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News Terrorists: Cult of Human Sacrifice?

  1. Nov 17, 2004 #1
    http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=679&e=3&u=/usatoday/20041117/cm_usatoday/nothingislamicabouthumansacrifice [Broken]

    Interesting article, i think he makes a good point. Discuss.
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    Franz, why do you emediatly discount it when I say it, but when you read it in a yahoo article it's now a 'good point'?
    It's cause you see me as a liberal isn't it?
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    Link to the thread where i said this? I don't recall it, soto answer i would have to reread what both of us said.

    I probably should have said he makes a "good case," as that is what i meant.
  5. Nov 19, 2004 #4
    Imho, the text mixes correct observations with blatant speculations and all that wrapped in this typical "I'm going to repeat my opinion time after time untill you believe it" style of writing.

    There is absolutely no development of any reasoning between the correct observation that Islam is trying to find it's way in the current world and the bold statement that "the aztecs are back". Why not blame it on something else, like "a gigantic world spanning alliance of Jews who control everything in the world" (Irony all over) ? Or is that one a bit old fashioned ?


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    It's time to put aside the international-relations texts that have failed the world so miserably. We must confront the elementary problem of our times: Frightened human beings and the longing for easy answers that lead to the most repugnant forms of faith.

    I think this article is misguided at best and purposey misleading at worst. What do you do when all you have is a simple armoury of knives, granades, cars and yourselves, while your invader has the ability to fly their B-2 from Missouri all to way to places like Afghanistan to drop horse feed and bombs at the request of their agent made via a satellite call? Nationalism, buddy, is that such a dirty word?
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    You hear the dispassionate voice, discussing the sighting mechanism, controlled by satellites, the accuracy, the focus of the onboard cameras, and then you see the rocket leave the drone plane, and silently, but savagely kill a group of strangers on some foreign ground. This is us.

    To quote TS Eliot,(somewhat)

    We are the hollow men, we are the oil men
    Headpiece filled with straw alas!
    Our voices when we whisper together are
    As quiet and meaningless as wind through dry grass,
    As rats feet in broken glass...
  8. Nov 19, 2004 #7
    Well, they do claim that killing the infidels will gaurantee their way into paradise. "Sacrificing" their enemies is the road to heaven for them. That is how they get recruits. This is obviously a perversion of Islam, but what is their motivation? In his tapes bin Laden does not just make political demands, he demands conversion of the US as well. To him, it is truly a religious war, not merely political.
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    Just a thought, but if bin Laden were to fight an obviously (and only a) political war, would he be able to recruit as he well as he does ?
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