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Tesla circuit radio mining for electrically independent house?

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    I remember a long time ago I read or watched something that talked about a guy that had a three story antenna and he was using a tesla based circuit to draw enough electrical power to power his household- for free. I recently ran across this
    [crackpot link deleted]
    nowwww, I also ran across this
    [crackpot link deleted]
    First off how the hell did that generator-beltsander setup work? i assume its just winding down very slowly, but still- could this be used to power most household electronics?
    Second, could a three story antenna be used to pirate enough electricity to keep a large household running? Could you use it to charge up... car batteries for example.. and use that to power the house? If that beltsander-alternator is practical, could it be used to maximize the milage you get out of your battery/antenna watts?
    Im a physics enthusiast, with very basic understanding of electricity. I got amps=volts/oms and I got that volts and amps are two expressions of electrical energy, current and drive (velocity?). From there, well my understanding of radio-electric conversion is something along the lines of the antenna "sympathetically ringing" with voltage/amps in 'resonance' with the radio waves put of by similar electrical flows (or rather by the resistor). So, anyone want to teach me the a,b,c's or why this wouldn't/would work?
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    If free energy from the air were possible, then every engineer on the planet would be marketing a device to do it, having already installed a working prototype to power their house. Since you don't see Home Depot littered with these devices, you can safely conclude they are hoaxes.

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