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Thanks, Veterans

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    I'm thankful for your service :approve:.
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    It was a pleasure :). Mostly.
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    You're welcome :biggrin:

    I had it pretty easy though. Lived in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany for three years. It was beautiful. I can't believe it's been over twenty years since I left.


    Ha! I did my share of grumbling.
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    Two times in Vietnam. You are welcome!

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    Interesting, when I was there, we just moved some of that same lot -I guess- to Poggio Renatico.
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    My father is my favorite veteran. He quit school to join the Airborne for WWII, broke his ankle in a training drop, participated in Patton's armored thrust into Germany, and served out his enlistment as a motor-pool grunt in Belgium.

    He doesn't talk about it much, but I remember when I was a little kid that his HS awarded him a diploma, years after the fact. I found out from my grandmother that he was always at or near the top of his class... Not bad for a kid from a broken home.
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    Thank you all, veterans, for your service.
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