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The American internal war will start at August

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    I have divined the reason of the American internal war.
    The American internal war will start at Chinese lunar calendar date August, it converts to Western date is in September and October, it is just now. But the cause I can't reveal it, otherwise I will get punishment from the God.

    Chinese divinations are profound, Chinese divinations can infer the process of the matter, the people's names, happening date, futures, the causes and many, in ancient China, about 3000 years ago, Chinese had predicted after the time of now China regime era, and about 1300 years ago, Chinese had predicted the end of human.
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    And some ancient Chinese divination books had predicted America will have civil war.
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    What Is this 'divination' you always talk about?

    Offensive comment deleted by Ivan.
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    yu wing sin:
    Divination is nonsense.
    It is as simple as that.
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    Considering that the US isn't a particulary old country those ancient divinations must be pretty recent.
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    This yu_wing_sin guy is a John Titor Disciple.
    He has started numerous threads on the matter only to have them locked.

    He truly needs to stop smoking whatever it is that is effecting his ability to reason.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Okay, we have one divination for civil war this fall.

    I can hardly wait! :biggrin:
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