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The best way to infinite numbers

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    the best way to get the next zero in a number on into infinity is to us the 9 its universal.the pattern only works when you use only numbers that start with one number 1-9 and infinite zeros after.soso it goes like this, nine times a number then plus the number again.9*1+1=10,9*2+2=20,9*9+9=100,9*30,000=270,000,+30,000=300,000.you see the patten and that is all she wrote!
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    sorry ... but who is "she" ?
    The pattern you wrote is extremly easy ! (i don't see the weird thing about it)
    Multiplying a number by 10 means adding it to itself 10 times.
    Multiplying a number by 9 means adding it to itself 9 times.
    So if you multiply X by 9 then add X to it, it is just like if you multiplyed it by 10 from the first place.
    Here is a smaller example :
    On the same basis, if you multiply any number by 2 then add itself, it is just like multiplying by 3 from the first time.

    Same for your pattern.
    Or maybe i am missing something ...
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