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I The difference between electric field and electrical charge

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    what is difference between electric field and electrical charge?
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    Hi fran,
    What a funny question. Care to elaborate ? Did you google the terms and are you unhappy with the findings ?
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    what is difference between electric field and electrical charge? I read about electrical charges and the electric field so I do not know what the difference is between them because they both are doing the same thing they act with repulsive or attractive force on other charges.
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    For one, the charge is a scalar and the field is a vector. The charge is the source of the field by Gauss law: ##\nabla \cdot E = \rho ##. Also, charge is conserved.
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    Electric fields can be created by charges And If there's another charged particle, that moves within this electric field it feels a force respect to the field.

    Electric fields cannot exert force on each other. Charged particle exert forces each other due to the electric field that they have created.
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    The electric field has the same relationship to electric charge as the gravitational field has to mass.

    (in classical physics, that is... please let's not bring general relativity into this... or quantum electrodynamics)
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