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The effect of an external electric field on water

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    If a charged glass rod is held near to a thin strem of water, the strem of water bends.

    I have decided to do an experiment which builds on this premise for my extended essay.

    My experiment is basically to run a thin stream of water from a burette through an electric field, and see how much the stream of water is deflected when i vary the voltage actross the electrodes.

    Basically i hope to find out how the strength of the electric field is affecting the distance the stream of water is deflected, from where it normally would hit, per cm of electric field it passes through.

    Does any of you know if similar work have been done, or something else relevant?
    (an extended essay is a 4000 word research paper, in which i should be able to complete the lab part in about 5 days.)
    the IB diploma programme is about at high scool level.
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    I'm confused
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