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The eternal singularity

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    Hello im new here. I have been wondering about the true nature of reality for some time, just because im curious. Heres what i have concluded so far and i would like to know if there are any mistakes in it:

    The Big Bang started off as a singularity.

    Quantum mechanics has shown that it is possible for energy to exist 'outside' of space and 'outside' of time.

    So basicly, all information/energy can exist in a singularity(because it needs no space) without beginning or ending(because it needs no time).

    So that could mean that right now, everything is still a singularity, because the energy doesnt need to (or cannot) exist in space and time.

    And this means that the singularity is still there and that everything is 1 energy.

    Ok that was it, please let me know if this is possible or if i made some mistakes.
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    This is pretty much correct. Some theories of the BB do away with the singularity, such as Hawking's.

    No. Energy doesn't. What does is "amplitude", a sort of complex precursor to probability.

    You see that your misunderstanding of what quantum mechanics says undercuts this conclusion.

    And this big one too. Sorry.

    That's an excellent attitude, and I hope you won't give up thinking about the world. Maybe check out the quantum mechanics forum up above and collect a little more information.
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    Well then atleast this 'amplitude' could exist in a singularity, right?

    And this amplitude would be the thing that controls where and when the energy exists? It determines the most probable outcome and puts it there?

    I checked the QP forum and initially put this topic there, but then i discovered that their conversations are a bit over my head. But ill keep trying!
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