The GIMPS project has found a new Mersenne prime number: M42.

  1. The GIMPS project is aimed to search (and find !) new Mersenne prime numbers.
    It has just discovered a new huge prime number, named M42, which has been verified with a different software on a different computer architecture (a third verification is on the way).
    It is the 8th Mersenne prime number found by the GIMPS.
    (Mersenne prime numbers are the biggest proved prime numbers.)

    This number is: [tex]M42 = 2^{25964951} - 1[/tex]

    All details are available at: A new prime .


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    Awesome I heard a new one was probably discovered but good to see it's true.
  4. I had their software on my computer before I cleaned it. Good to see a new one found.
  5. M42 isnt prime. this number is the 42nd mersenne prime found, but its NOT M42. its M25964951, thats a notation error.

    nowhere in the original press release or at does it call the 42nd discovered mersenne prime M42, it might not even be the 42nd mersenne prime in order of size. its just the 42nd confirmed mersenne prime discovered.
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  6. You are perfectly right !

    The notation Mq means that q is a prime number. Here q=25964951 .
    M25964951 is the 42nd prime Mersenne number ever found and we are not yet sure there is not another Mersenne prime before.

    I used M42 because we used it in the GIMPS forum as a short way to name it and I forgot to change my vocabulary when talking in this forum.

    Thanks for noticeing and fixing my mistake !

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