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The origin of the universe?

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    Scientists suggest that there was nothing before the Big Bang. Nothing. Seems to me, the fact that the whole universe came from nothing makes no sense. I know that there isn't an answer yet but I would like to hear what others might think about this issue
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    Science is about the physical universe, it can't talk about anything beyond it, so it can't talk about before universe's creation. In this sense, scientists say there was nothing before the creation of the universe scientifically!
    Now some people believe science is all we have, so they say we can't know what was before the creation of the universe.
    Some other say science is all there is and so there was nothing before the creation of the universe actually!
    There are other ideas too, which I prefer not to mention because here we should talk about physics and I guess people don't like to hear about religion!
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    The "similar threads" section below will take you to some of the previous discussions along these lines. It's not a productive discussion, as Shyan points out above, and there's not much point in having it again.

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