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The possible impacts of cloning technology on human society

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    Cloning technology has been developed so fast in recent years and it has drawn concerns from the public. Advanced technology has made cloning humans possible. In the future, there might be many clones of mine. Of course, this issue will certainly cause a lot of religious, ethic, economic and social problems. What are the possibel impacts of cloning technology on our society? Should we support it or not?
    In my opinion, I think the biggest disadvantage of cloning human may be the susceptibility to disease. Lack of diversity will make human beings susceptible to the same disease. Religious groups consider cloning humans as violationg natual laws. People should not play the role of God. However, cloning technology will bring many medical benefits, and it might also improve the overall standards of human beings. This is why it has become a controversial issue.
    There are still many other possible impacts on our society (no matter positives or negatives) and I am interested in hearing what you guys think about this issue. Thanks.
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    i think the worst problem with cloning is that only the most whealty class will be able to "use" this thechnology. and worst than cloning is genetic modifications, only those who can paid it will have access to it.. this will create an entire diferent race, a superior race of geneticaly modified human, and of course it will be the rich ones.. In another apocaliptic view goverments could use this technology to enginer they populations.. People will not be born by they parents, they will be artificialy enginered by the goverment, they will be able to create. Workers... Soldiers... Leaders... etc...

    Sorry my english i am from argentina
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    This reminds me of a movie called GATACA. We are studying it in english atm.
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    The human race is on a self destruction course, I hope genetic technologies can help correct this. Cloning will do a lot for medical research. It will also challenge peoples ideas about life and about themselves (as does nearly every aspect of science), two thumbs up for that.

    How many Einstein’s does it take to figure out the theory of everything? :)
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    Cloning might make identification of the each cloned individual difficult. Suppose future identification techninques were based on gene recognition and iris recognition, and they would not differentiate the individual being cloned and the cloned. Other forms of identification techniques must be designed to cater to their existence (btw, identical twins are also like clones anyway...)

    I'm more on the stand for gene modification than cloning.
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