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The problem with riddles

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    I don't know the answer so that's why i'm not putting it in the brainteaser section.

    http://people.ex.ac.uk/rbd201/riddle6/theansweris.JPG [Broken]

    Have a go at it and see if you can solve the riddle, because I certainly can't.
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    I don't even know what kind of answer I'm looking for...
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    Ok, i've learned that the answer is two words.

    One of the things that i've noticed is the "ever and ever and ever and ever" followed by forever (4ever). Unfortunetly "four ever" is not the correct answer.
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    Do you have a way of clarifying answers?
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    It mentions something about reading text backwards. Maybe that's important?
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    The only way to know if you got the right answer is to fill in the answer in the url below:

    http://people.ex.ac.uk/rbd201/riddle6/<answer>.htm [Broken]

    Everything is lowercase and there should be no spaces. For example if you think the answer is "fried chicken" then you would go to the following page:

    http://people.ex.ac.uk/rbd201/riddle6/friedchicken.htm [Broken]

    If you don't see a valid page come up then you got it wrong.


    For those who want to start from the beginning you can start here:

    http://people.ex.ac.uk/rbd201/riddle/ame.htm [Broken]
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