The radio stops when I get near it.

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A few months ago i was at work listening to the radio, which is on a desk about 3 meters away from me. Suddenly it stopped and i heard white noise. I thought the antenna had moved to i walked towards the radio.

When i got near it, it suddenly started playing music again. But the nearer i got the more white noise it produced. When i held my hand right above it (few inches) it would only make white noise, and the moment i removed my hand it would play music again. I tried this about 20 times and then a colleage also tried it, but his hand had no effect at all (the radio kept playing music). In the past few months this has happened half a dozen times. The radio would be fine and in a splitsecond it stops. I do not have a watch on my wrist nor any other electronic devices or metal on me.

What is the explanation for this?

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The human body is a capacitor of sorts and can also gain a static charge.

When the radio is getting borderline signal strength your body can help or hinder the signal depending on your orientation to the signal direction of origin.. Try moving around it or putting your hand in different orientations and I think you will see the effect.
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If you have a car with a remote key, try standing far enough away that it doesn't lock and unlock your car. But then press the sensor against your skin (I like under the chin) and push the remotes buttons. Chances are you'll be a big enough antenna to send that signal to the car and get it to perform those functions.

I always get a kick out of that one.