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The Rotation of the Moon

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    The Rotation of the Moon

    Today’s astronomers explain the Moon’s rotation about its axis with one side visible to Earth. The theory states, the moon spins on its north-south axis in harmony with its orbital velocity around the Earth. This revolution or slow spin of the axis of the Moon allegedly turns precisely at a rate, which keeps the same side always facing the Earth. Under close examination, this theory will reveal a new solution. Astronomers observing the Moon noticed that it seems to be rotating on its axis in precise synchronization with its orbital speed, but their conclusion is wrong. A close examination would reveal the Moon does not rotate at all and is void of spin. For an experiment attach a hypothetical rigid connection between the axis of the Moon and the axis of the Earth. Next set into motion the connection arm in rotation about the Earth with the pivot point about the Earth’s axis propelled by a motor of one revolution per minute. Next, paint the hemisphere that would face the Earth and mark a reference line parallel. Now mount the Moon to a duplicate motor that makes one revolution per minute on that rigid arm. Observation reveals the Moon revolves about the earth completing a circular orbit and it does rotate in relation to the rigid arm, which is the point of reference associated with the axis of the Moon. As the rotation cycle occurs all points on the object (in this case the Moon) would been seen on Earth a one time or another with a rotation of 360 degrees about its north-south axis away from the imaginary line representing the rigid arm or line connecting the axis of the Moon and the Earth. This event rotation or a 360 degree spin about its own axis does not occur in the perceived orbit of the Moon. Gravity turns the direction of the Moon in a constant curve by centripetal force, which is responsible for completing a circular orbit. For example, if you were to examine a reference point on the equator of the Earth, which does rotate about its axis, all points along the equator become visible to the Sun. It does not matter, whether the rotational period of the Earth is approximately 24 hours or one year. If the Earth did not rotate only point on the equator would remain closest to the Sun. thus locking one side of the Earth in perpetual light and heat. The other side would be cold and dark. The Moon lost its ability to revolve eons ago when its core harden. As pressure and zone differentials inside the Moon’s core equalized, its internal spin ceased to drive the surface crust of the Moon to revolve about its north-south axis. This is the present state of the Moon, as inertia and internal drivers are now absent. Where mankind gets confused is the reference axis used to examine rotational motion. For those who state the Moon does rotates about the Earth, they have made the mistake of using the earth's axis as the reference point for rotation. The only point of reference for rotation of the Moon is its own axis, which does not spin. The Moon' forward motion takes on a elliptical path about the reference axis of the Earth, but its face, which we see all the time always stays 90 degrees off to the left to this motion.
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    Math Is Hard

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    Today's astronomers? I have not heard this theory - where did you get it?
    I am only familiar with the tidal locking phenomenon.
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    The moon rotates with respect to the sun. I must side with the sun's opinion on this question. After all, it is much bigger and hotter than earth.
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    Mankind's theory as presented by Bad Astronomy http://www.badastronomy.com[/b] [Broken]

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    Note: the entire post above is lifted, without reference, from BadAstronomy.com. That's a no-no, RGrant.
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