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The SN74HC14 hex inverter Oscillator

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    Have any of you seen the Expert village you tube vids? I saw that they only explain how to build a square wave Oscillator. Do any of you know of a simple circuit that will creat an adjustable sign wave?

    I have been through many circuits and had success in learning from project kits. I know the beginnings of logic but I am still memorizing stuff. I know how to bread board at least.
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    Logic gates, being very non-linear, would require a lot of filtering to produce anything close to a sine wave. To make a sine wave it's much easier to use linear components. Look up the Hartley and Colpitts oscillators if you want an adjustable sine wave.
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    Another option is to use a signal generator IC, or put together a signal generator kit. Here is a Google Images search of signal generator IC:


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