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The time space unit structure

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    To part away the complexity, all events or progresses are in Relativity reference frame.
    The time axiom1 as follow: Time is with a physical progress always. perhaps progresses may be more than one.
    If there is not a physical progress , the time isn't exist. If the time is mean clearnly, the moment is mean clearnly with the time. naturely the moment concepts is humans and part away the nature.
    The time space unit in a space point progress structure as follow:
    1: there is not a time progress in a point;
    2: A time-space progress is in one dimension on a tiny time, this progress is repelled by another no time dimensions and to hold in primary, that is a oppesite action actted on a time dimension by another dimensions;
    3: Time dimension progress is not to return first, but to slip another dimension in a space pointted progress, this is to form a dimensions controlled time dimension structure.
    In a time dimension progress, time progress is bindded by another dimension, this action reason is from same progress action.
    If the space dimension action is not complete, the time dimension progress will be to move, specially in one time and one dimension situation, this progress is blackade with this world, like black hole, heavy string progress. In this situation, the Relativity reference frame is meaningless. If a physical progress is not a referce action with it. What can do to right?
    If a progress with a complete dimension action, it is a enable to repeat progress, if the action dimensions is opening, this progress isn't enable to repeat.
    In complete dimension, it can be 3, 5, 7... and another structure, the time dimension progress is permit in high dimension progress.
    In quantum size, blockade and unpermit progress is taking a important position, it's advantage is to build the time space structure base.
    In experiment test, if the neutronoreaction reaction in mass exist, different energy level , it is existed a reaction life longged factor as m in time dimension progress to reduce to zero.
    In another test, in lazer cold condense charge near 0 K with E radiation . There is some charge quantum decrease.
    The theory in Relativity reference frame isn't same ub generak situation, the physical theory is same right all as usual.

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    Hey, like

    how do I know you are serious? I read your post and sometimes I think we may be talking. But the thoughts you seem to want to discuss are rare here, and I have little success getting my own view to make any sense to anyone.

    Still, I have an idea about dimensions in which timespace does not move, and so forms a spacetime structure (lattice) on which all we know is expressed.

    No promises. But at least maybe we outcasts can try to talk to each other.

    Richard T. Harbaugh
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