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The Universe, and time travel

  1. Do you think the universe exists?

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  2. Do you think that there is no universe?

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  3. Are you not sure?

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  1. Dec 9, 2003 #1
    The Universe, does it exist?

    here is some of a conversation i had on IRC last night:

    [10:52] SShadow_{D-O} What happens happens
    [10:53] SShadow_{D-O} No one knows anything
    [10:53] SShadow_{D-O} everything that has been "learned" is theories
    [10:55] SShadow_{D-O} THE WORLD IS NOTHING
    [10:55] SShadow_{D-O} JUST AN ENDLESS CYCLE
    [10:55] SShadow_{D-O} OF REOCCURING EVENTS
    [10:57] SShadow_{D-O} I dont think there is a universe
    [10:57] SShadow_{D-O} I think this is the only world
    [10:57] SShadow_{D-O} To ever live
    [10:59] [DW]Capt_Kiwi|meditating IN THEORY, THERE MIGHT NOT BE ANYTHING
    [10:59] SShadow_{D-O} no kiwi
    [10:59] SShadow_{D-O} that is not theory
    [10:59] SShadow_{D-O} that is real
    [10:29] SShadow_{D-O} Life is nothing
    [10:29] SShadow_{D-O} it controlls the future
    [10:59] SShadow_{D-O} THERE IS NOTHING
    [11:01] SShadow_{D-O} ONLY WHAT YOU WANT IT TO BE
    [11:06] SShadow_{D-O} there are no humans
    [11:06] SShadow_{D-O} there are no people
    [11:06] SShadow_{D-O} what does older mean?
    [11:06] SShadow_{D-O} answer:
    [11:06] SShadow_{D-O} NOTHING
    [11:08] SShadow_{D-O} listen:
    [11:08] SShadow_{D-O} There is only Time
    [11:08] SShadow_{D-O} Past and present
    [11:08] SShadow_{D-O} the past has existed
    [11:08] SShadow_{D-O} the present does
    [11:09] SShadow_{D-O} and the future hasn't

    In my opinion, no theory explaining how the universe began, or life began, or what the universe is, is not correct. I believe that the answer is beyond the human mind, beyond our thinking. I do not think that that answer can ever be answered...... only a "higher power" knows. What do you all think?
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  3. Dec 10, 2003 #2
    Well, to put you at ease, Sir Adam, the Universe exists. You see, "Universe" refers to everything, and if nothing existed then you wouldn't exist and this question would never have been posted. Therefore, even if you are all that exists, the Universe exists, since "Universe" refers to everything that exists.

    I'll have to get to those individual comments later, since I have to get off-line soon. Sorry.
  4. Dec 12, 2003 #3


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    IMHO, the universe is defined as existing. Or, in another way, our concept of existence derives from our understanding of what the universe is.

    But to state that, you must already know something of the answer, no? I see no reason at present to put anything as beyond us.

    Everything is another matter...
  5. Dec 13, 2003 #4
    I've seen you post this before, and I thought it made perfect sense, but now I have a question: If there isn't anything beyond the human ability to discover it, then why is "everything" beyond us? Everything would be a specified amount of knowledge, and that amount would be something, and should thus not be put beyond us if we're holding to the "don't put anything beyond us" statement.
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