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The word Quicklyer

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    New word! Quickerly! I came over it when writing this:

    Alternatively, one can receive counseling to quickerly get past the response.

    Quicker? No
    Quickly? No
    The perfect word is quickerly. Quicklyer or quicklier doesn't sound as good.

    Spiffy new idea ehh?

    Reply: Yes, it is.
    Mk: Thank you.
    Reply: I love you
    *get jiggy with it*

    Depending on the Latin behind it, this word may join my campaign for a better English.

    In the right circumstances, weller, should replace better, I think.
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    weller already has a place as a contraction of well or. it saves a space
    example: "Did I dig this well weller did I dig this well good?" asked well digger Will Orwell, head weller for Orwell's Good Wells.
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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