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Thermal expansion of solid cylinder with blind hole

  1. Jun 16, 2009 #1

    I have a 20mm dia.,30mm height, solid rod of stainless steel with a hole of dia.5mm, depth of 15mm at the center of the rod.(solid rod with a blind hole). Means wall thickness is 7.5mm radially and 15mm thick at the bottom. When I heat the solid rod to a temperature, we are sure the hole dia. will also increase(expand) in size; say to dia.5.05mm. My question is, does the amount of material (radial thickness 7.5mm) influence the amount of hole expansion. Will the amount of material control the expansion-contraction ? my ideas is to play on the wall thickness to control the radial expansion...........

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    Hi there,

    From my understanding, it does not matter. If you have another rode with the same hole, but 100 or 1'000 times the rode size, you will have the same hole expansion.

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