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Thermochemistry Lab: Need help on finding a suitable double displacement reaction

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    Well, my chemistry teacher is extremely confusing, and wants us to create our own lab where we figure out the enthalpy changes in a chemical reaction. Is there are reaction out there that would give a considerable change in temperature, while using chemicals typically found in a high school? As an aside, he also gave us an option to

    Here's what I've come up with so far... it would be great if I could get some feedback on these reactions.

    1. [tex]Mg_ (s) + HCl_ (aq) [/tex]

    (Last resort, because my teacher recommends a double displacement reaction)

    2. [tex]NaOH_ (aq)+ HCl_ (aq) [/tex]

    (Another last resort, because my teacher recommends a double displacement reaction)

    3. [tex]CuSO_4_(aq) + 2NaCl_ (aq) [/tex]

    (I have no idea if there's going to be any heat change from this)

    Any help on this would be fantastic and very much appreciated!


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    You can perform a simple calorimetry experiment, have you been exposed to this concept so far?
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    sulfuric acid to sugar is really fun... is that a double replacement... I'd have to think... but it does let off a lot of heat... and the charred black mess is awesome.

    Edit: they are calling it a "DEHYDRATION/HYDRATION" reaction:
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    Neutralization should be OK - enough heat to measure and concentrations of reactants easy to check.
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