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B Thermodynamics in medicine school

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    Can you understand thermodynamics without a lot of information from chemistry?I mean I didn't learned a lot about atoms,molecules and everything that is related to science so I was wondering if it is possible to learn it without these subjects.I learned a few things about chemistry in highschool and they never helped me.
    I want to become a doctor and I saw that a lot of students know a lot about this chapter.How did they succed?I tried to read chemistry lessons about these subjects but I failed horrible and I revised and revised and revised until I had no idea what the lessons are about.Is there a secret?I really want to know that secret.
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    There is not secret. Chemical Thermodynamics is a difficult subject, and requires lots of reading (from different sources) and solving lots of practice problems.
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    So there is no way to understand molecules or atoms without real life experiments or experiences?I mean watching an youtube video is easy but understanding what they mean is the hardest part.
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