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Homework Help: Thermodynamics questions

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    hi i'm a mechanical engineering student. i've 2 questions as hw for tomorrow but since i've missed couple of classes i couldn't solve them. i'd appreciate if you may help me with these:

    1.) An isolated system consists of a 10 kg copper block, initially at 30 0C , and 0.2 kg of saturated water vapor, initially at 130 0C.Assuming no volume change, determine the final equilibrium temperature of the isolated system.

    2.) A cylinder fitted with a piston restrained by a linear spring has a cross-sectional area of 0.05 m2.The cylinder contains ammonia at 1 MPa ,60 0C, and a volume of 20L.The spring constant is 150 kN/m.Heat is rejected from the system, and the piston moves until 6,25 kJ of work has been done on the ammonia.

    a.) Find the final temperature of the ammonia.

    b.) Calculate the heat transfer for the process.

    thanx already...
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    Well the policy here is to show your work, why don't you read the chapter of your book on this, and then post your attempt?
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