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Homework Help: Thevenin and Norton Theories help

  1. Jan 24, 2012 #1
    the problem presents a wheatstone bridge design, with a 10 V DC power supply. R1 is 2 ohms, R2 is 3, Rx (presented as R4 for this problem) is 4, the typical 'bridge' portion is replaced with a 1 ohm resistor (labeled R3), and where you usually have R3 you have a load, which is 5 ohms.
    The problem asks to present a thevenin model for this same probelm, Vth and Rth.
    My instructor has his answers posted, but not how he got them.

    My answers came out with Rth = R1||R2+R3||R4 = 2||3+4||1 = 2
    my Voltage obtained came out to Vth = R!/(R1 + R2||(R3+R4)) * Vs = 2/(2+3||(1+4))*10=5.16V
    however for Rth my instructor has 1.42 ohms and for Vth he has 6.128

    Can anyone help me see what I did wrong, how to get the values my teacher got (as I haven't been able to figure it out.) and possibly give any tips/tricks for thevenin and norton, as these guys are giving me a lot more trouble than I care for.
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    I'd need to see the schematic.
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    You should post the pic of your question kinda becomes hard to visualize (rather lazy):)
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