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Thomas-Fermi Screening Approximation

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    I got quite confused with the math in Thomas-Fermi's approximation.
    I thought it was supposed to approximate a length but the math from a textbook gives energy instead.
    I don't understand what is it trying to approximate.

    My professor told me that normal conductors screen electric field at a very short distance ≈1 Angstrom. He said that is the Thomas-Fermi approximated length.

    How to derive that length?
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    And what do you suppose us to do now? Trying to guess what might actually be written in your unspecified textbook?
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    I supposed a brief explaination of Thomas-Fermi method on approximating this screening length so i at least have an idea of what is going on.
    However, I agree that I should have been more specific with the questions. Please allow me to go to library again and pull out the book again.
    Also thank you for trying to help.
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    which book did you consider in the end?
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