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Ti-83 solver

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    does anybody know of any place where i can download a solver program for the ti-83/ti-83+ like the one on the ti-86. My former Ap-chem teacher has asked me to find a solver program for the ti-83 because everybody is using them now that the ti-86 is out of production. I just need a program that can solve quadratic equations without the equation needing to be in standard form to enter it in to the calculator
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    If you go right away you will find one at the top of the listings here;


    Or directly download it here;

    http://www.ticalc.org/pub/83/basic/programs/equsolver.zip [Broken]
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    the menus and graphics are just a pain, i would go with http://www.ticalc.org/pub/83plus/basic/math/asolver.zip [Broken] i've been using it for around 4 years, works great :smile:.
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    ok, thanks for the suggestions, but before i download them i need to know if the programs work like the solver on the ti-86. I want it to be able to solve an equation thats not in standard for. I dont want to have to rearrange everything in the equation untill i have nice little coefficients to put in. I juts wanted to know this because i see how there could be some confusion between the two different types of "solvers".
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