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Calculators TI-89 Titanium batteries Problem

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    I use TI-89 Titanium normally.

    It was not even a month since I changed my batteries.

    One day I pressed on but did not turn on.

    I tried out other batteries and found out that batteries were not the matter of problem.

    What's wrong?

    What should I do?
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    Re: TI-89 Titanium Problem

    Your calculator contains two kinds of batteries: the three AAA batteries that you changed not long ago, and a silver oxide backup battery. Your problem might be that the backup battery is dead. Here's some information from the user manual for your calculator - http://education.ti.com/downloads/guidebooks/graphing/89ti/TI89TitaniumGuidebook_Part2_EN.pdf [Broken]

    1. To replace the silver oxide backup battery, remove the battery cover and unscrew
      the tiny screw holding the BACK UP BATTERY cover in place.
    2. Remove the old battery and install a new SR44SW or 303 battery, positive (+) side
      up. Replace the cover and the screw.
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