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Calculators TI 89titanium

  1. Dec 11, 2009 #1
    can some please please tell me how to plot a 'graph'?
    given a table of value allready.
    like i have a complete table of values with the x's and the y's .all already
    i just need to input the values in the calculator
    to see how the graph of the table values likes like
    when i select "table" in the app. it doesn't allow me to input the x's and y's values i have
    thank alot guys
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    You can download the manual ("guidebook") for the TI-89 from here:

    http://education.ti.com/educationportal/downloadcenter/SoftwareDetail.do?website=US&appId=6128&tabId=2 [Broken]
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    hi jtbell. i have the manuel but it not clear.
    do u personally know how to input a given tables in the calc to obtain a graph.
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    To enter numbers into the table, select the Data/Matrix editor, and a screen will pop up. It will want you to enter a variable name. In mine, I chose 'c'. This simply is the name of each column in the table. When you hit enter, the table will appear, and numbers can be entered, much like in Microsoft Excel.
    If you've already entered the numbers into the Data/Matrix editor, go to Y= screen and scroll above y1. At plot 1, hit enter and select what kind of plot type you want. Then for x and y, enter the variable above each column of the Data editor. (i.e. c1, c2....whatever variable you selected when the Data/Matrix editor was first used). Then hit enter and graph. Hope this helps.
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