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Calculators TI hard to press keys, cures?

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    Well the top keys on my TI are really hard to press, I obviously spilled something but do not remember. Is there a way to make them easy to press again? It's getting really annoying :-[
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    Spray in some sort of solvent, be careful not to use one that will take the plastic with it.

    Or disassemble it and wash it out carefully.
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    What type of solvent b/c I can't disassemble it :-[
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    make sure it has no batteries in it at the time...
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    You're not using a big enough hammer.
    Are you sure that there aren't assembly screws hidden under little rubber feet or labels?

    Anyhow, I've cleaned all sorts of things with just rubbing alcohol. It's a good solvent, evaporates quickly without residue, and doesn't conduct electricity.
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    take it apart and wash and dry each key individually, then clean the frame.

    if you mess up the orientation of where which button goes, it's not a problem... the manual should have a closeup... then reassemble.

    to open, you gotta unscrew... and then carefully (will probably mar the plastic), pry it... cause it's popped closed aswell.

    I do this like every year... my ti89 gets gunky over time lol
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    Danger's suggestion of using rubbing alcohol is probably the best you can do without taking it apart. Be aware that rubbing alcohol is mostly water, and is conductive. Take all the batteries out (including the back up battery) before doing anything, and allow it to dry for several hours before putting the batteries back in. A little squirt of rubbing alcohol, some dabbing with tissue, and a good hard shake may well solve the problem. Try to use as little alcohol as possible.

    - Warren
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    Thanks for the clarification, Chroot. I was careless with my wording about the non-conductivity of alcohol. What I meant was that it won't leave conductive traces behind. My bad.
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