Time Independent Schrodinger Equation Question!

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1. State the one dimensional time - INdependant Schrodinger equation for a particle of mass m and total energy E in a potential V(x). For an infinite square potential well V(x)=0
(0<x<l) and V(x) = infinite (all other x) find a general solutionfor the wavefunction of this function of this particle.

2. Time Independant Schrodinger equation

3. I know what the Schrondinger equation is so stateing that is no probelm, also for V(x) equal to 0 i can get a value however as for a general solution im kinda stuck could someone help?

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This is the classic "particle in a box" problem (i'm sure you could actually just find the solution by wiki'ing it), however, let me offer some hints. By saying that V(x) = infinity at x>l and x<0 it is basically saying that your solution for the V(x)=0 region has to vanish at x=l and x=0 (i.e.) psi(l)=0 and psi(0)=0. This basically juts gives you two boundary conditions through which to determine the coefficients of the general solution found in the V(x)=0 region. Hope that helps