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Topic for technical seminar

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    i am an engineering student in electronics.
    i wanna take tecnical seminar.
    can i know the latest technology and the website in which it could be available..
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    What categories in electronics are you interested in?
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    hi berkeman
    it may be of any communication technology or what ever it may be
    but i am in need of the latest
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    So you are looking for online seminars in EE and communications? Here are a few suggestions:

    RF Design News has some vendors and seminars listed:

    Emerging Wireless Technology has some useful stories and links:

    Xilinx has some useful free seminars:

    Cypress does "webinars" about their PSoC and other products:

    For more online seminars, check out the major manufacturers of RF and communication circuits -- many of them will have webinar-like seminars available. You can also google communication webinar to look for others.
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