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Torque of man on a beam trying to paint his house

  1. Oct 21, 2012 #1
    A man of mass mm = 95 kg decides to paint his house. To do this, he builds a platform using a uniform beam with a mass of mb = 100 kg and a length of L = 7 meters. The beam is supported by two sawhorses, as shown in the diagram above.

    1) If the man stands over the support at point B, calculate the force exerted by the beam on the support at A.
    F =
    How far from the end of the beam (the end closest to support A) does the person have to stand to unbalance the beam?
    x =
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    Simon Bridge

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    No diagram. I take it A and B are not at the ends of the beam.
    Like the title says, this is torque ... how did you attempt the problem.
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    Homework, right? Including a reference to a diagram not shown. There's a separate forum for that, and at the very least you need to show your own attempt at solving it.
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