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Tough one

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    any one can help me with this question


    (a) Find a recurrence relation for the number of n-digit sequences over the alphabet {0, 1, 2, 3, 4} with at least one 1 and the first 1 occurring before the first 0 (possibly no 0’s).

    (b) What are the initial conditions?

    (c) Solve the recurrence relation in Part (a) satisfying the initial condition
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    You need to show some work before we can help you.
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    a) we have property starts with 0,1,2.3.4
    so there are n-1 digits of sequence
    sio i think the recurrence should be 0+(an-1)^3times therefore
    3an-1 + 5

    b) initial condition a0=1 and a1=1

    c) 3n-1+ 5n-1 + an-1

    please i just need some one to explain this in steps .... this type of question will be in the test and i am not sure how to solve it

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