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Towards a career in the Space Industry

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    I am going to university this fall, and I am having a tough time deciding on whether I should study Engineering Physics or Electrical Engineering. The goal is to work in the space industry, more precisely, the systems involved.

    So are my options are:

    1. Engineering Physics + Separate Electrical courses
    2. Electrical Engineering + Separated Physics courses

    But why not just Electrical Engineering you may ask, well, I love physics and I want to leave a door open if I change my mind. =) How is Engineering Physics regarded in the US, as I am planning to do my Master at an american university? In Sweden Engineering Physics is the most prestigious engineering degree, but that doe not really matter as I want to make an international career.

    Hopefully someone here could shed some light on this. :)

    Thanks in advance!
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    If your goal is grad school, I don't know if there's really a difference. You'll probably end up taking just about the same courses either way. With engineering physics, it can be a little harder to get a job if your school does not have a relationship with the employer. Electrical engineering is much more standard, so HR departments know what it is and will be looking for it. The actual systems work it sounds like you want to be doing is electrical engineering.

    There are a lot of good threads about engineering physics on here and the career guidance forum that you might want to search for. Good luck!
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