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Tractive force exerted by a lorry

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    Hey would really appreciate help with this question, thx :)

    A lorry, of mass 12500kg, starts from rest up a hill. The hill has a gradient of 1:6 and the lorry accelerates at a constant rate of 0.1m/s2. If the resistance to motion, not the gravitational resistance, of the lorry is 2000N, what is the tractive force of the lorry?

    thanx again
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    This thread should go to the homework section.

    Start with a freebody diagram, can you tell all the forces involved ?

    How can you relate the given mass and the given resultant acceleration ?

    How can you relate self weight, slope effect on weight vector components, motion resistance and the resultant net acceleration ?
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    The total tractive force will be the component of the lorry's weight pointing parallel to the incline and the acceleration force. Do you remember how to decompose a vector force into trigonometric components?
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