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Trajectory Triangulation

  1. Nov 8, 2003 #1
    im reading about the subject Trajectory Triangulation from here:

    i havent finished reading (so perhaps it explained in further pages) and i encoutered to words 3D line.
    now i presume D represents dimension so the next question is how can a line be a 3d if it's by definition is 1d?

    perhaps it something with the terminology of the computer science any way what do you think?
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    this T.T has connection to projective geometry. interesting...
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    in page 3 it discuss about plucker coordinates and it states L(represents the line of intersection of the other lines you should read it, it's hard to explain))=P ^ Q
    and it's have 4 coordinates wich is weird because they are discussing the trajectory of 3d line and not of a 4d so how can it be?

    btw i think i have understood what they meant by 3d line the trajectory is in 3d not line itself.
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