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Translucent Blackboards

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    Hey guys, I have been watching some old numbers episodes and I saw they have this really cool translucent blackboard. Anyone know where I can buy one of those?
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    I've seen some glass ones online. But even those are $1000+ for a full size.
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    They're probably just a large pane of glass or plexiglass (before going with plexiglass, I'd make sure that's appropriate for the solvents found in dry erase markers, which is what I assume you plan to use with it, though "wet erase" transparency markers would probably work equally well on a surface like that).
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    Thanks for the replies. $1000 is a bit much for my pocket. Guess I will have to stick with the regular stuff.
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    Gotta love Numb3rs...

    You can look for some plexiglass on craigslist and make your own.

    It won't be as pretty as the 1000 dollar boards, but the functionality will be the same.

    I'm thinking about making one myself, just waiting for the right stuff to come up on craigslist. The biggest problem is finding a piece that will fit in my car.

    I know when I first saw the show, I thought, "I gotta get some chalkboards!"
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    You can also pick up sheets of acrylic (aka plexiglass) at Home Depot/Lowe's, but I don't know how much it would cost.
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    I went online and looked, that stuff is expensive.

    I found a 4'x8'x1/8" sheet for 50 dollars on craigslist.
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    At 1/8" it will acrylic not have the flexural rigidity to support 4' X 8' dimensions. That will need an additional frame made of something stronger.
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    Come to think of it, for any given surface area, glass is going to be way cheaper than acrylic, for the same strength.

    For instance, from the same site, 50" X 20" X 1/4" glass sheet is $125.
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    http://www.acrylic.co.uk/ doesn't look to bad (certainly relatively cheap, although very little is available at large sizes). I'm quite interested in the 0.9x2 m sheet though.

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    Is there something wrong with pen and paper?
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    It's not as cool?

    If I'm working on a problem and I'm having trouble with, it can help me to write it out on a board so that it is more isolated, and allows me to stand back and look at it.

    Definitely not necessary, but can be nice to have around.
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    yeah okay.....
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    Seems like a huge waste of money to me if it costs more than $50 bucks.
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    Whiteboards are worth every penny. I think its similar to having 2 or 3 monitors at your computer. It sounds silly and wasteful at first, but after you use it for a while and get used to using the extra space, you would never go back.
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    Ok...I have decided to do the DIY thing and get some glass and see what I can conjure up. Now on to the next problem : Finding the stationary. I am assuming I can pick these up from a standard stationary outlet. Hopefully one doesn't have to have them specially ordered.
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    You mean dry erase markers? You can get them at any office supply store.
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    Save some money and just use your window. It's works the same and will look sweet from the streets :biggrin: and it is way cheaper, becasue I can only hope everyone has a window or a few to use. :biggrin:
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