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Homework Help: Transportation engineers: help on windrose & mass diagrams and pavement

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    General Questions:

    How do you show Free-Haul Distance, Limit of Economic Haul, and Volumes of Waste and Borrow on a mass diagram? I don't have one in particular to ask because I'm pretty much lost in general with this topic.


    Another general question, how do you determine which route is best for a runway? It seems as if it is guess and check until you have the smallest value possible for the road you create. Do you determine the thickness of the road with the chart from AASHTO?


    Lastly, I am lost on how to read/create the nomograph for flexible pavements. Here is an example: http://www.iowasudas.org/documents/5F-2-06.pdf [Broken]. I remember my professor did an example of this by creating a chart from this by given only a few initial conditions. I'm not too sure if he redrew this onto the board horribly, or if there is a new graph for every specific condition. Could someone please let me know?
    edit: looks like i just figured this one out, it looks like the problem typically states W18, PSI, etc. and you could use this chart to figure out the structural number.

    Sorry for all general questions, but I am lost in my class. This class is the least science related, but it is the one I am having the most difficult time in because I do not understand the teacher. I tried to go see him, but the only advice is "read the book" where it doesn't have much explanation.

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    Hey mrmotobiker,

    I'm a fellow civil engineering student. Could you please offer the definitions for Free-Haul Distance and Limit of Economic Haul?, so i can help out.

    Also what do you refer by windrose? is this the central axis of a runway?

    Btw, i have a mass diagram i made in excel for my highway class, maybe you could use it?
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    thanks cyclovenom, i kinda figured out the FHD and LEH already; who knew it would be that simple. i got a 85 on my exam btw =)

    windrose is just the diagram we used for runway orientation.

    thanks for the reply, appreciate it.
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