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Tri-integral help

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    [tex] \int \int\int z dx dy dz [/tex]

    where the intergral area is determined by these curves:


    and the cylinder: y^2+z^2=4
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    What have you attempted so far or what difficulties do you have?

    PS: since you sent me a PM about LaTeX, here's a hint.
    You can create a 'nice' triple integral, with less space in between. Click for the code.

    [tex]\iiint z dx dy dz [/tex]
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    [tex] \int_{2}^{6} dx \int_{2}^{2-x} dy \int_ {-2}^{\sqrt {4-y^2}} zdz [/tex]
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    Perhaps you should clarify that a bit, what are the limits for x,y,z?
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    z:-2<< sqrt(4-y^2)

    but i'm cofused about x,y limits, i'm not sure and i mix between those too many curves to get the variable limits
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    I wonder why nobody hasen't reply on my post yet! Have I made a mistake or something wrong?
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