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Homework Help: Trigonometry problem

  1. Oct 12, 2004 #1
    find the angle x
    if its known that:
    sin(x/2) = 1/2

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    why don't you simply do arcsine and arctan?
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    because the whole point of the question is using trigonometric identities to solve it (believe me i would be happy to do the arctan and get it over with :smile: )
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    You might discover something interesting about the problem though. (It's also worth noting that that there are special angles involved.)
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    i tried playing around with it

    sin(x/2) = 1/2

    i got

    tan(x) = sin(x) / cos(x) = sqrt(3)

    sin^2(x) / cos^2(x) = 3

    but that didn't really lead me anywhere
    i thought of ways to convert sin(x/2) to sin(x) with no luck
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    If you don't want to use the inverse trig functions directly then you may want to ponder the equilateral triangle!
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