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Trouble Setting Up Projectile Motion

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    Problem: A football is kicked from 36.0 m away from goal post at an angle of 53.0 deg. above horizontal at a speed of 20.0 m/s. The crossbar is at a height of 3.05 m high. a.) By how far does the ball clear or fall short of the crossbar? b.) Does the ball approach the crossbar while still rising or while falling?

    So far, I have drawn my sketch of the problem and I have chosen the x-y origin to be at the point the football is kicked, x being positive and height of crossbar (y) is positive.

    I have also drawn out a vector right angle triangle to find the trigonometric relationship between Vnaught-x, Vnaught-y, and Vnaught. From the problem, Vnaught = 20.0 and theta = 53.0 deg. I now have solved Vnaught-x to be 12.04 and Vnaught-y to be 15.97. Is Vnaught-y the max height of the ball at a distance of 12.04 meters from the origin? If so, where do I go from here?

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    You might want to calculate the time at max height, so you can tell if the ball is falling or rising when it crosses the crosshair. Also consider evaluation Y when x= 36, so you can see how high will the ball be, and if it will be higher than 3.05 m.
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