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Tutorial on Argument and Fallacy

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    That's cool, I use wikipedia for logical fallacies, it's got some really great posts about them, and they are logical which makes a change for wikipedia, I accused Vanesch of being guilty of one not two weeks ago :smile:


    In relation to MWI :smile: as the theory assumes QT is correct :smile: I don't think he agreed though.
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    Here is one that they missed:

    Fallacy of Stolen Concept - An argument where your argument against the truth value of something implicitly demands that you accept the truth value of the thing you are trying to disprove in order to disprove it, making the argument incoherent and contradictory.


    - "Language is meaningless" - If language is meaningless, then the statement "language is meaningless" is itself meaningless. When making the argument, you presuppose the meaningfulness of language.
    - "Truth does not exist" - If there is no such thing as truth, then it cannot possibly be true that there is no such thing as truth.
    - "I do not exist" - The speaker makes a statement about herself, and as such, presumes her own existence.
    - "Reality is an illusion" - The very concept "illusion" is derived from the concept "reality"; that is, the concept "illusion" makes absolutely no sense, unless there is indeed "reality" with which it may be contrasted"

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    Don't tell those to the new agers. They thrive on these concepts.
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    "www.fallacyfiles.org"[/URL] does a lot of categorization of the various fallacies.
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    And when debating with someone who repeatedly relies on fallacious arguments despite your best efforts to point out the error in their logic, it's best to take the upper road and refrain from sending them http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/youare" [Broken].
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