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Homework Help: Type 2 Projectiles TEST TOMMOROW

  1. Nov 2, 2006 #1
    okay i know how do do type one and type 3 projectiles but there is this certain kind of type 2 that i can't figure out. if the problem gives me a initial velocity and an angle of 30 degrees i am okay. BUT for this kind i don't know what to do:

    "A gymnast becomes a projectile by doing a flip that gives here a horizontal range of 1.80 neters. If she took off at an angle of 60.0 degrees, determine:
    1. initial velocity
    2. the maximum height that she attains

    i have a test tommorow and gotta figure this out. Any help would be appreciated.

    incase your wondering i know a few formulas like y =x tan(theta) - gx^2/ 2vi^2cos^2 (theta), also vf^2=vi^2 +2ax, and all the derivitives, I just don't have any clue on how to do this one.
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    i don't know what voy and vox means, i guess i haven't learned that yet, so how can i do it without knowledge of that.
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    If you set up an xy coordinate system, then Vox = Vo * cos(theta), and Voy = Vo * sin(theta) are the components of the initial velocity Vo along the x and y axis, respectively.
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    oh i figured it out one my own. I competely forgot about the formula:
    Range = Vi^2 sin2(theta)/g

    Well thanks for trying to help me i appreciate it. Now that i got this one of the mods can delete this thread.
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